At Lovely Rose Care Services, our experienced staff specialise in providing supported living and care for physically and sensory disabled persons, the elderly and those with learning disabilities living within the local Buckinghamshire area and nationwide. Under our care, we will always endeavour to help our clients reach an optimum state of health and well-being in a respectful and understanding manner. We promote a person centred approach meaning that we believe the client has a right to make their own choices and decisions concerning their lives, we support them to make those choices independently given that they have full mental capacity.

Lovely Rose Care Services offer unrivalled support for clients between 18 and 65 years of age, and strive to promote independence and self-control to create healthier, happier lifestyles for those who we care for. Our services are as follows:

1. DOMICILIARY CARE–  For Elderly Clients. We also provide as additional services; Cleaning, Ironing, Gardening, Shopping, Gp and Hospital appointments and companionship.

2. SUPPORTED SHARED LIVING- For Clients with Sensory and Physical Disabilities and or Learning Disabilities.

3. WE PROVIDE- Personal care(toileting, showering, dressing, shaving etc), Support with social networking, Support with accessing community leisure facilities and activities, Support with household chores and tasks, Support with cooking and cleaning, Support to Gp or hospital appointments, Support with shopping, Support running day to day errands.

Person Centred Support for Physically and Sensory Disabled Adults
Dedicated to Upholding Core Values of Independence, Choice, Dignity and Respect
GP and Dentist Appointment Support
Support for Qualifying Clients with Head Injuries and Learning Difficulties

Experience the best in supported living and care by calling Lovely Rose Care Services on (01494) 923306 today.





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